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Solution-Focused Methodology
Erickson’s methodology is based on proven tools, techniques, and processes that support the creation of transformational, specific and measurable changes.
The systemic, client-centered, and action-oriented process is guaranteed to generate outstanding results. 

World-Class trainers
Our network of trainers, coaches and mentors includes over 100 experts that are held to the highest standards of their profession, have diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and prestigious qualifications.
On top, they are ICF accredited coaches and certified trainers.
Global Presence
Erickson Coaching International has a robust presence in more than 40 countries spread across 5 continents.
Our graduates are either coaches or business professionals that actively use coaching skills to support their career development, their team’s progress and their organization’s performance, forming an active, world-wide community
The Gold Standard in Coaching
International Coaching Federatin (ICF) is the leading global organization for coaches and coaching, dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards and providing independent certification.
Erickson’s programs are worldwide recognized and highly regarded as exceeding the rigorous standards of ICF.

Changing the world, one conversation at a time

It’s not just about the certification…
Erickson Coaching pioneers ICF-accredited coach training and human development in Czech Republic and globally. Here you learn exceptional, solution-focused, neuroscience based coaching skills, so that you are equipped to help people realize their potential.

What our graduates say

Lukáš Šimon – Zodpovedný za technologické inovácia, rozvoj a vzdelávanie ľudí, Softec Business & IT Integration #2

Erickson tréning mi pomohol pochopiť, že vynikajúci koučing vzniká „správnym namiešaním“ vedy a umenia.

Laurent Laval – Coach, Consulting business

I really appreciate the quality of the content of the Erickson TASC training and also that quality of the trainers. I was really impressed.

Eva Jutasi-Batari – Coach

Thanks to the practice-oriented training, I am immediately able to work as a coach or utilize all this knowledge in any project management or other managerial positions. Using coaching approach in my everyday life helps to better understand people around me and also to get a more effective problem resolution.

Ljubomir Karanovic – Director of Engineering, @ 4C Insights

I am generally very satisfied with the training. The content was very interesting, the trainers were really good, and logistics worked well. I hope that Erickson and Atria will continue collaborating and offering this amazing program in Czech Republic.

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